Stacey has arrived!

It’s always hard being on the road by yourself for an extended period so when Stacey, one of my best friends from Australia, said she had 4 weeks holiday I jumped at the chance to travel with a friend for a change.


She flew into Istanbul with a stop over in Dubai then made her way to meet me in Kotor. We’re only here for a night (I’ve been here two already) and then we’re making our way down the coast to Albania which we’ve heard is the next big thing in travel destinations. The beach riveria is meant to rival that of the Amalfi coast at a tenth of the price.

Oh, and to show yet another reason why I love this girl, she brought me a sweet new travel pack (the green one on here) . Time to say good bye to my trusty old pack, it’s served me well but with a busted zip and lost rain cover it’s past its used by date.



Kotor, Montenegro

A mini Dubrovnik! Just as nice, not as big and they’re smart


I had to go back through Croatia to get into Montenegro by bus. It meant another Croatian stamp in my passport and more waiting on the border. Sometimes I wish the Schengen area would expand!

With the Syrian refugee situation happening all the borders are on lockdown as well so waiting times take forever.

By the time I got in it was late at night but it was cool seeing the Old Town of Kotor. I’m staying at the Old Town Hostel which is this nice historic building. Like Dubrovnik it also means that once all the cattle go back to the cruise ships of a night you can explore the old streets pretty much all to yourself.

I’ll post more of an update tomorrow once I get some sleep. My plan is to hit up the hike above the old town. The view from what I’ve been told by fellow backpackers is amazing.

Exploring Eastern Europe


I’m aiming to blog more now that I’ve switched from Tumblr. Apologies for anyone interested in reading the old content – it’s lost after I deleted my Tumblr account (my bad). I’ll upload some of the good photos off there when I get to a place with good internet.


I’m currently puttering around Eastern Europe with the last few days in Bosnia (& Herzegovina). It’s a pretty nice place, a mix of other Eastern European countries meets Russia meets the Ottoman Empire.

I’ve been staying at the Traveller’s Home Hostel in Sarajevo (I recommend it!) the last four nights. It’s an interesting town, a mix of cosmopolitan influences trying to fight the soviet/Yugo influences of the past. I went out in town the first night to an old cinema that is now a smoke filled night club/drinking pub. In the morning I wandered the old town and watched some old men play oversized chess in the park.

I’ve also just come back from a Sarajevo tour. You get to see the battle lines of the Siege of Sarajevo, go down Sniper Alley and one of the most coolest things, see the old bobsled track from the 1984 Olympics which is now in disrepair but has some cool graffiti. Here’s a Youtube video I found of it.

I’m off to go buy some burek in the old town. I’ll update you when I make it to Montenegro and get some decent internet.